3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of The Trash Can

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Favorite Dog Videos of the Week The disappearing ice mystery has finally been solved. Remember when 50 GB was enough to store everything you could ever imagine? I remember going out to CompUSA to buy a 50 GB drive & being like ?holy crap, I?m set for life!? Yeah, times have changed. Why You Need to Keep Your Dog Out of the Garbage One of the most common ways our pets get sick is by eating something they?re not supposed to, and many times it comes from something in our own home ? the garbage can. Did you know that dogs labeled ?Pit Bull? spend three times longer in a shelter than similar looking dogs without that label? This new study also found that dogs that aren?t given a breed label at all are more likely to be adopted. She has knocked it over a few times, but the lid stayed locked. If your dog gets into the garbage you do have a few options ? you can move it, you can modify it, or you can buy a new one. Baby proof locks are put in place with adhesive & use a single latch release system. If your dog likes to get into the garbage make it a habit to move it out of their reach whenever you go out. From the benefits of muzzle training to making the ?adoptable dog? the official state dog of Georgia, here?s my favorite dog articles, deals & videos of the week. Last Thursday Georgia showed a little extra love for shelter pets by passing legislation to make the ?adoptable dog? their official state dog. But seriously, how in the world do you organize all of your photos? They?re organized by date, and it?s ridiculous trying to find that one specific photo? My albums are a complete mess. Our garbage contains all sorts stuff that?s harmful to our pets. Recommended Reading Roundup 50: Favorite Dog Articles, Deals & Videos of the Week Last updated on April 2, 2016 By Puppy Leaks Apparently I?m up to 47 GB of Laika photos (is that a lot? it seems like an awful lot). But that little one we have in the bathroom? Well that?s a different story, and the reason we always keep that door shut. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If you have a dog I?m sure you?re aware that they don?t always make wise decisions when it comes what they put in their mouth. The bill is currently awaiting the governor?s signature. Now if your dog is like mine and super crafty you might want to use 2 locks, one on each side, to ensure that they can?t just tip it over and get into it. Often times they?re led by their noses, and the garbage is a treasure trove of interesting smells. Best Dog Deals of the Week Jolly Ball Dog Toy 8 Inches in Blue 55% Off ? Kong Extreme Dog Toy in Black 48% Off ? Spring Clearance Up to 70% Off Select Items thru 04/11 ? This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase an item I?ll earn a small commission. Keep Your Trash Can Closed With Safety Locks The easiest way to keep your dog from getting into the trash without much effort is to just put a safety lock on it. Not sure where to put the garbage can so it?s out of your dogs reach? When you leave you can put your trash can: In the closet In the garage On the counter In the bathroom Under the kitchen sink You know your dog best and what they can get access to when they?re determined. We?ve had the same Simple Human for a few years and my dog hasn?t been able to get into it. The good news is there are a few simple ways you can keep keep your dog out of the trash. I was very quiet about the grief I went through after Carter?s passing, partly because it?s not something that?s easy to talk about, and partly because there?s always the risk that someone might say say the words ?well, he was just a dog.3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of The Trash Can Last updated on September 23, 2019 By Puppy Leaks Does your dog get into the trash? Coming home to find your trash all over your house is annoying to say the least, but it also poses a potential health concern considering all the dangerous stuff your dog can get into. This is the sort of ?The Best 10 Dogs for ___? article I can get used to seeing more of. Keep Your Trash Can Out of Reach From Your Dog Does your dog get into the trash when you?re gone? The best way to guarantee your dog can?t get into the trash is by keeping it out of their reach. Favorite Dog Articles of the Week Grief is something we don?t talk about enough, and as pet owners it?s something we?re all too familiar with. You can buy child safety locks , at most home improvement stores (Lowes & Home Depot) or chain stores like Target & Walmart in the kids section. For dogs that really love getting into the trash you?ll want one that?s too heavy to knock over, too tall to be gotten into, and that it has a lid that stays locked. If they?re able to get things off of the counter put the trash in a closet, if they have access to the bathroom put the trash in the garage. Great insight into muzzle training and how it can help fearful/reactive dogs. Some dogs are pretty crafty when it comes to getting into the garbage, and if that sounds like your dog you?ll want to consider getting a can that opens with a pedal. And of course because it?s politics some bonehead had to chime in saying that it would be a ?disgrace? to have an unknown breed as the official state canine. Buy a Trash Can Your Dog Can?t Get Into When looking to buy a pet safe trash can look for one that your dog can?t get into. Laika doesn?t care that my photo albums are a hot mess, she just wants more carrots. Foods that are (chocolate, grapes, coffee, candy with ), medications, choking hazards, glass, cleaning supplies. I?m sure there?s something I?m supposed to be doing to make them smaller. There?s a lot of stuff in our trash cans that can make our pets sick.? This is an article you have to read, despite the cringe-worthy title (which just so happens to be perfectly fitting & ironic). Muzzles can be a great tool that allows you (and your dog) to be safe around new people, dogs & situations ? and of course those dreaded vet visits. So don?t worry if you?re like me and have troubles opening child safe bottles, these are much easier to use. This one is by . Here?s 3 ways to keep your dog out of the trash. And unfortunately there?s a lot of stuff in their that can make them sick. Recommended Reading. For a metal trash can you can use this method to add a latch yourself: ? This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I?ll earn a small commission. If you?re don?t want to buy locks you can make your own if you?re a little crafty. Here?s how to keep your dog out of the garbage. Child safety locks use adhesive to lock onto a surface and have a simple latch system that you press to release. One easy way to modify your trash can to make it dog safe is by using? child safety locks

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